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Honoring Past Contributions

Over the course of decades, spaces within the Friends campus have been named for individuals to recognize their service, achievements and financial contributions or as a memorial after their death. For example, Hunter Hall is named for Dr. Earle Hunter, a legendary teacher and administrator, who served Friends for 50 years before retiring in 1975. Another is the Rosenquist Gallery, named by the late artist, James Rosenquist P’08.

As our physical environment has evolved over time, particularly during the most recent Campus Redevelopment Project, some spaces have been changed beyond recognition or no longer exist. Happily, the legacy of recognition will continue through a display of historical plaques. Several were recently mounted on the eastern end of Hunter Hall, ensuring that these individuals and their contributions are remembered. Bo Lauder comments, “This prominent display is a powerful reminder of our history and the generations who cared for and carried on our Quaker mission.”


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