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Library Launches New Initiative for Black History Month

During Black History Month, Middle and Upper School Librarian Adrienne Almeida and Lower School Librarian Paula Zamora Gonzalez introduced the African American Read-In. The program, which has more than 6 million participants in schools, colleges and libraries nationwide, aims to use Black History Month as a way of uplifting and celebrating Black authors by giving people an “open mic” to share a reading by a Black author and to explain what it means to them.

In the Library, Adrienne and Paula set up a podium and a display of books by Black writers. Students in every division were invited to step up and share. They were thrilled with the results. Adrienne comments, “When US students took turns in reading Honey I Love by Eloise Greenfield it was a magical moment of connection and understanding for everyone in the room.”

Adrienne and Paula believe that is an excellent model for all heritage month celebrations. Adrienne comments, “Having structured protocols that students understand makes it easier for them to participate. It signals there is time and space for all people. We strive to teach our students from a place of emotional abundance.”


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