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There’s No Debate on the Success of the Debate Team

The Friends Parliamentary Debate Team strengthens skills in public speaking, critical analysis, and understanding from multiple perspectives. A co-curricular program, established by Kiran Singh ’20, who was Grade 10 at the time, has grown over the last four years with dedicated support from Chair of the English Department Kate Olsen serving as an advisor. This year’s team has enjoyed considerable success with Jenny ’24 who is ranked number one in New York Parliamentary Debate League (NYPDL) and has qualified for Nationals and the NYPDL Tournament of Champions. Janelle ‘25 and Will ’25 are ranked varsity debaters, and Anna ‘27, Emil ‘27 and Lucy ‘27 are ranked novice debaters.

Regular tournaments provide space for the students to compete and meet peers from a wide range of schools. Recently Friends hosted the NYPDL’s February Invitational with more than 70 teams participating. Kate comments, “This was the first tournament to be fully funded by the host school. I am proud of the School for making it fully accessible to all participants.”


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